Government RHI Scheme Accreditation For Sewage Heat Recovery

Good news recently for waste water heat recovery as the first sewage heat recovery project in the UK has been granted RHI accreditation.

The project saw an innovative way to capture heat from sewage for a water source heat pump and it ticked all the boxes for being accredited on the Non-Domestic RHI. This form of sewage heat recovery uses filtered sewage alongside naturally occurring heat to provide heating and hot water for a non-domestic building which is a first for the UK. This should open the doors for many more commercial premises to benefit from the RHI grant over the coming months and utilise the energy that is currently just going down the drain.

For more information on sewage and waste water heat recovery, click here or call Landmark Environmental on 01995 642109 to see how your sewage could be harnessed into usable energy to heat or cool your buildings.