Using a Free Resource Plentiful in the UK – Rainwater Harvesting

​Carbon footprints are common language when we talk about responsible resource management but have you ever considered your water footprint and making sure you are using all natural resources responsibly and efficiently?

One area that is often overlooked is the free resource of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater is a resource often plentiful in the UK.

At Landmark Environmental we like to view water as part of a complete end to end process within your business and where it comes from is just the start. For some clients, bore holes are the natural way to reduce the reliance on bought in water and for others, rainwater harvesting can be an area to consider.

Working with Neptune Aqua, Landmark Environmental are keen to stop rain water being wasted for our clients.

Questions to ask your business are could you flush your toilets with rainwater, use it for irrigation, washing and wash down facilities? The uses are endless and the benefits are many. Reducing sewerage charges, water bills and being more environmentally friendly are amongst the benefits on offer to clients that don’t want to see rainwater simply running away.

If you are interested in getting a step closer to responsible water resource management that can also save you money, let us know by calling us today on 01995 642109 or visit for more information.