Waste Water Heat Recovery Solutions Flowing From Strength To Strength

Landmark Environmental have been working closely with Sharc Energy Systems to deliver cost savings and Carbon reduction for our clients. We are doing this by stopping them letting money flow down their drains in the form of waste water heat.

We are currently involved in some high profile waste water heat recovery solutions for our clients. The recent green light has been given to progress on site feasibility for a prominent swimming pool run by a Lancashire Council and we are also about to progress on site feasibility for a prominent National bank – Royal Bank of Scotland.

Initial studies suggest our swimming pool client could save £80k per annum on gas bills, all by installing a compact waste water heat recovery system on site with a quick payback and attractive government grants such as the RHI Scheme available for the initial funding. Capital expenditure is therefore not required and the kit can be installed with very little operational disruption so there are very few barriers to reaping the benefits of waste water heat recovery.

Other sectors that we are currently talking to include the laundry sector, hotels, universities, manufacturing plants and hospitals so we expect to share more news of other organisations benefiting from waste water heat recovery soon.

If your premises are of a decent size and require heating or cooling, we may be able to help you too. The heat from waste water, either from your building or in your local sewer network, can be captured using the latest technology and utilised to help heat or cool your premises.

See more information on how we can save you money by utilising waste water heat recovery here or click on the video link on that page to see more.

If you would like to see if we can help you too, simply call us for a no obligation chat to find out more.