Waste Water Heat Recovery

Stop Throwing Money Down The Drain With Our Waste Water Heat Recovery Solution.

If your premises are of a decent size and require heating or cooling, there is a way to extract heat from waste water before you throw the energy and therefore money, down the drain. Allow us to explain…..

The heat from waste water, either from your building or in your local sewer network, can be captured using the latest technology and utilised to help heat or cool your premises.

Working with the first company in the UK that extracts waste heat from sewage flows, Landmark Environmental can help you save money on your heating or cooling costs and improve your carbon efficiencies in the process.

The Government RHI scheme is currently offering great incentives in the form of Non Domestic Renewable tariff credits based over 20 years for heating utilising heat pump technology so it is a great time to come on board.

We are currently working on proposals to help numerous businesses extract the energy from their waste water and thereby reduce their energy bills. Even more interesting news is that it does not necessarily need any capital expenditure requirement on their part.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true and we are very excited to be part of the launch in the UK of this technology. See more information on how we can save you money by utilising waste water heat recovery here or click on the video link on that page to see more.

This technology is ideally suited to Hospitals, Universities, Apartments, Prisons, Leisure centres, Hotels, Industrial manufacturing & any property that houses a large number of people in a campus style environment.

As an example, we are currently working on a plan to save one building in a hospital £45,000 a year on their energy bills through no capital expenditure for them and very little onsite disruption.