What is Ice Pigging?

At Landmark Environmental, we pride ourselves on embracing the best new environmental technologies and for this reason, we are proud to be working with Aqualogy, Icepigging specialists, to offer a new pipe cleaning service to our clients.

We can now offer ice pigging services to clean pipes using an innovative technology used by many of the large water companies.

So in answer to the question “what is ice pigging” we thought we would publish this quick blog.

Ice Pigging is the best and most cost effective method for removing sediment, biofilm and loose material from pressurized pipes. It uses the properties of ice to flush through pipes.

Ice is safe, hygienic, quick and powerful. The last thing consumers want is sediment sat in the pipe suddenly coming into suspension, so ice pigging gets to those places other technology can’t, both quickly and efficiently.

Why do companies invest in ice pigging? Ice pigging can remove Manganese, Iron and biofilms from pipes. Networks that are clean, result in fewer problems and use less chlorine so there are efficiency, health and cost benefits to having clean pipes.

Companies choose ice pigging to clean their pipe networks due to speed of the process, the effectiveness, the lack of enabling works, and the cost. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can have a no obligation chat.