Waste Water Heat Recovery For Breweries Can Save Money & Carbon

Breweries waste water heat recovery is not a topic well known within the brewery industry so we decided to take our knowledge and exhibit at the 2017 Beer X exhibition in March 2017.

Waste water heat recovery is an innovative technique to save money and reduce Carbon consumption. Landmark Environmental are at the forefront of waste water heat recovery in the UK. This technique works to extract surplus heat from waste water flows by separating any solid and wet content of the effluent. This enables the water to be passed through heat pump technology to create useable process or building heat or the facility to cool.

The system can be deployed at individual building level or across a district heat/cool network and provides the first opportunity to capture wasted heat discharged through the drainage systems. Put simply, it prevents money going down the drain. Waste water is a constant inexhaustible energy source. Waste water heat recovery can also help organisations reduce their Carbon footprint. It can also help organisations meet their obligations under The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme.

Can Breweries Benefit From Waste Water Heat Recovery?
Due to their high water consumption, waste water heat recovery is ideally suited to breweries. There is minimal disruption. It simply taps into a local source of free energy. We were delighted to share this news with the breweries who attended the Beer X exhibition and explain that you do not necessarily even need a high consumption of water as local water sources such as lakes, rivers, sewers can also be used.

The technology used can also be reversed to enable cooling. This can be applied to run the cooling requirements of buildings, saving money on energy bills.

Would Your Brewery Like To Find Out More?
You can read more about the topic on https://www.land-mark.co.uk/sewage-heat-recovery/ or for further details on breweries waste water heat recovery please call us on 01995 642109 or email on info@land-mark.co.uk