How Much Carbon Consumption Can Waste Water Heat Recovery Save?

At Landmark Environmental, we are currently talking to numerous organisations about the opportunity to save money and reduce Carbon consumption by using waste water heat recovery technology.

The organisations and businesses we are talking to range from hospitals to Councils to hotels, industrial operations and global banks. If your premises are of a decent size and require heating or cooling, it is almost certainly relevant for you.

As detailed on the Carbon Trust website, there are significant incentives and penalties associated with Carbon consumption in the UK so anything we can do to help organisations adhere to targets while saving money is great news for our clients.

Below are two examples of organisations looking to reduce their Carbon footprint with waste water heat recovery and how much Carbon they could save:

A single building at a hospital: Potential of 368 Tonnes Annual Carbon Reduction

College in Scotland: Potential of 170 Tonnes Annual Carbon Reduction

The technology we use meets the Government criteria for reducing Carbon consumption, therefore there are even ways to utilise the technology with no capital expenditure.

For example, the Government RHI scheme is offering incentives of Non Domestic Renewable tariff credits based over 20 years for heating utilising heat pump technology.

See more information on how waste water heat recovery can save you money here.

If you would like to see if we can help you reduce Carbon by using waste water heat recovery, simply call us for a no obligation chat to find out more.