Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Applications

Would you like to take advantage of the Government’s non domestic RHI scheme but don’t know how to get started? Non-domestic RHI is a government scheme intended to increase uptake of renewable heat projects in the UK. RHI provides a tariff for heat generation from heat pumps along with other eligible technologies.

Landmark Environmental can help you navigate the technical RHI application process.

We help you with site visits, document collection, photographic evidence, RHI heat loss assessments (HLA), RHI compliant schematics, letter of authorisation, independent metering reports, compliant heat meter advice, application completion and submission. We also handle all Ofgem queries during the approval process and calculations of seasonal performance factors. We can also pick up half complete RHI applications if required to help navigate you through to the end of the process.

Once approved, the scheme pays out on a quarterly basis and payments are guaranteed for 20 years. You are paid on the amount of heat you produce each quarter.


If you would like a no obligation chat to find out more about benefiting from the non domestic RHI scheme, please call 01995 642109 or email

Please visit our sister website for more information about the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and how it works in relation to our Waste Water Heat Recovery service.