Proud Members Of Furness Waste Consortium

In 2013, Landmark Environmental became members of the Furness Waste Consortium. This is a group fortunate to be represented by the largest and most forward thinking industries and businesses in the North West. The Furness Waste Consortium share a collective goal to manage waste in a sustainable way which is in line with the values of Landmark Environmental who specialise in the subject of water, including waste water.

Members of the Furness Waste Consortium include BAE Systems, Centrica, Kimberly Clark and Cumbria County Council. By networking with such high calibre organisations, it has led Landmark Environmental to open discussions about various topics they can help industry with including Waste Water and Sewage Heat Recovery. The group aim to share best practice across the subject of waste therefore these discussions have been well received.

At Landmark Environmental, we are currently talking to numerous organisations about the opportunity to save money and reduce Carbon consumption by using Waste Water Heat Recovery technology. See here for more information on Sewage Water Heat Recovery

The Furness Waste Consortium group meet bi-monthly and visitors interested in the subject of waste are welcome. See here for more information on the Furness Waste Consortium.