Sub Metering Before Waste Water Heat Recovery

Landmark Environmental are at the forefront of knowledge regarding waste water heat recovery in the UK. For their prospective clients they offer a no obligation desktop feasibility research study to establish whether client’s premises may benefit from waste water heat extraction so that they can stop money flowing down the drain while reducing carbon consumption in the process. It has recently become apparent that not all of our clients are fully aware of how they are spending money on their energy.

Waste water heat recovery can harness previously wasted heat energy from waste water to heat or cool buildings but to establish whether it is appropriate for a particular site, we first need to gather data on how much electricity and gas is currently being consumed. What is really surprising is that most clients know the top line consumption number, but they do not know which processes or machines are taking up what proportion of spend. They also may only have monthly bills, which does not allow daily or hourly energy profiling to be confirmed, this may identify spurious peak loads. Without knowledge of hourly loads, it is not possible to accurately size replacement heat or cool plant with guaranteed energy, cost and carbon savings; we can make assumptions and use industry benchmarks and best practice but this does not provide the absolute figures provided by good metering.

The answer is sub metering. By installing energy sub meters, accurate energy usage data can be collected to show the exact consumption of various energy processes within a building. It will show what is using the most energy, when it is being used and how much it is costing. This provides a complete energy baseline for the building. In particular, heat energy data such as gas consumption, heat usage and chiller sub-metering, which is something that Landmark Environmental are looking to address.

Once the data is being measured and collected, it can be understood, controlled and improved:

No measurements = No understanding

No understanding = No control

No control = No improvement

This has a big impact for the measurement of waste water heat recovery efficacy but also lots of other uses too to help reduce energy consumption.

If you would like to find out more about sub metering and how it could help you effectively manage your energy consumption more pro-actively to reduce cost, give us a call. We can help you by managing the whole process of sub metering audits, specification and installation and then future monitoring of and reporting on energy consumption with the aim to reduce your energy bills while reducing carbon generation in the process.